Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ArcGIS Online Mobile Access to Maps

This year at Pennsic War 42, the EK Seneschal, Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüssin, held an EK Seneschals' round table discussion.  Being a seneschal and a map geek, I was excited to show everyone the interactive map (  The ArcGIS Online service is completely accessible by Android or iOS mobile devices.  I gave a quick demo on an iPhone 5.  The performance was a bit slow because the phone was on a 3G network, but it worked fine otherwise.

Besides the cool-factor, one real-world application is the ability to look-up which group a particular ZIP code might be in.  This is particularly helpful if you are at a large demo and want to point a newcomer in the right direction for a Chatelaine.  Just tap the magnifying glass and enter the ZIP code.  The map will zoom to the area.  If you tap the center of the screen, where the map has centered on the ZIP code, an information bar will appear and the right arrow icon will access the branch information.  This has been a very useful tool to me already.

Keeping the web address for the "SCA - East Kingdom Branches" map handy on my iPhone was difficult until I found a great solution.  Though I prefer to use the Chrome browser for iOS, Safari has an easy method of creating a shortcut on the home screen.  To do this, open Safari and browse to the map from the link:  On the bottom, center of the screen, there is a box icon with an arrow pointing up from the center.  Tap it and choose the "Add to Home Screen" option.  I've discovered that you might want to allow the map to fully load before trying this because a snapshot is used to make the home screen icon.  It looks like this:

You can do the same thing, but with a different process on Android devices.  I found great, step-by-step instructions on CNet's How To website:

So there you go.  If you meet someone interested in the SCA, but don't know which branch they belong to, just ask for their ZIP code and look it up!

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