Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pennsic Map

This has been one of my back burner projects for a long time.  I've been doing A LOT of ArcGIS Online maps for my day job lately.  Figured it was about time to get this one done before we head off to Pennsic 44 this year.

I downloaded the overlap map from the Pennsic War site today, 7/23/15.  The map image is from last year, Pennsic XLIII (43; 2014).  It was made by "Aakin".  I don't know Aakin, but would like to thank him for his excellent map.  I hope he doesn't mind me georeferencing and loading it up to ArcGIS Online for all to use and admire.  I'll ask around Pennsic when I get there.  Hopefully he'll be there.

Also, Cooper's Lake Campground has had a lot of rain this year and have had to close some camping blocks.  Here is a link to the Facebook post.  Check the Facebook page for the latest updates.

View larger map

If you would like to save a direct connection to this map on your iOS device, read this post to see how: