Thursday, July 28, 2016

*Pennsic Map Update*

Fun fact: ArcMap does not export the coordinate system if you are streaming data in the map.

Great.  I open PDFMaps to look at the Pennsic map and noticed "Map not referenced" below the file name.  This was never a problem before.  After several tests, it has been confirmed.  Oy.

So, I've downloaded the 2015 imagery for Butler County, PA and made new maps.  There are two maps available.  The first is 8.5 x 14 inches (legal size) (2.2 MB) and the second is 24 x 36 inches (ARCH D) (19.8 MB).  The difference is the map scale and resolution.  The legal size is at 1:6,500 and the ARCH D size is 1:2,500, which means the image resolution is a bit better in the bigger format (smaller maps scale).  The imagery is 2015 NAIP at 1 meter resolution (for you geography geeks).

The links in the previous post have been updated too.

Sorry about this folks.  I just discovered the problem now; right before Pennsic.  Better now than at Pennisic though, right?

Have a good war!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pennsic Map Blog Update

One thing lead to another, and before you know it, I'm making geospatial PDF maps of Great Northeastern War (GNEW; pronounced gah-NEW) and the Pennsic map.  Over on FriendFace a dear friend of mine "voluntold" me to help with mapping camping space at the GNEW site.  Before I agreed to anything, I checked out the availability GIS data.  Turns out there is aerial photography from 2015 and the town of Hebron, ME participates in sharing geospatial parcel map data with the Maine Office of GIS.  It occurred to me that I saw a really cool hand-drawn map of GNEW last year.  I asked another friend for a digital copy and she came through right away.  It was quick to georeference, make it 40% transparent, and export it as a geospatial PDF.  I posted a link in FriendFace to the file in DropBox and folks really liked the new and improved GNEW site map.  What's really slick is not only can you view the map in any PDF reader program, but you can import the map into Avenza's PDFMaps app on a GPS-enabled smart phone.  As long as you are onsite within the area of the map, you are a blue dot moving around in it.  (Also works with US Topos from The National Map Download, 1:24,000 map series.)  What the heck, why not a Google Earth KMZ file too.

Another friend wished there was a geospatial PDF map of Pennsic.   While I'm at it, I suppose folks might find it useful too.  Here is an 11 x 14" Pennsic map (2.2MB) and a 24 x 36" Pennsic map (10MB).  Oh, I had also made a Google Earth KMZ file of that last year too.

Enjoy!  ~Now to get some work done today.  =)