Frequently Asked Questions

As noted elsewhere, the "SCA Kingdoms of the Eastern US and Canada" map is still in beta. There are minor errors in the data, the data may be represented unclearly, or the web-based software may have limitations. Where possible, corrections will be made.

This list of Frequently Asked Questions is an attempt to address known issues. It may grow over time as people interact with the map and share feedback.

1. Can I search for the name of a group?  Unfortunately, no. The SCA map data is not searchable, although the basemap data is (i.e. postal codes, counties, towns/cities). This is a limitation of the web service. It's hopeful that the developers will be adding this functionality soon.

2. There is a buffer around coastal land features. Is this normal?  Yes. Areas are represented as polygons composed of line segments and nodes. Peninsulas and islands add a tremendous number of points and line segments that overwhelm the web server, slowing performance significantly if not crashing it. The buffer is based on the US Maritime Territorial Sea zone at 12 nautical miles (13.8 miles) (  Spatial data for Canadian waters could not be located for this project, so a combination of 6 NM and 13 NM was used to encompass coastal islands as part of mainland features.

3. Our group has a Facebook group, but there is no link to it (says, "No Page"). Why?  Facebook, and the SCA, make a distinction between Facebook groups and pages. A group is essentially an open discussion where a page is more like a business advertisement. There is an "SCA Social Media Tipsheet" on the topic here:

4. I'd like to report an error. How do I do this?  For the time being, you can send me an email at ottogottlieb1305ATgmailDOTcom. I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Please send a list of ZIP or FSA codes that should be added or removed from a group. Please understand that it's important I corroborate the requested change and work through the Kingdom Postal Legatus or Seneschal before making the change.

5. Is there a Google Earth version?  No, not at this time.  The data was processed by a professional geographic information system (GIS) software application and is presented in this native file format.  While it is possible to export the data to Google Earth formats, there are file limitations that must be addressed in order to make the data viewable.  More information on Google Earth file limitations can be found here:

6. Were you paid to do this work? Nope. I'm a passionate volunteer like many others. =)

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